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Developed by ABS Data Systems, Inc.
In 1975, we started a company called T & H Television Services to repair and rebuild television throughout the Baltimore/Washington DC metro areas. As business grew, so did the complexity to manage our information. We purchased a (so called) personal computer, a Heathkit H8 (available only in Kit form). We spent the next year learning about computers, the technology and how to develop basic business software application. Our first application was developed to manage and track inventory, invoicing, and scheduling appointments.

The name of our company is a tribute to the software engineers at Heathkit. Our first application had a file extension of .abs; which stood for absolute binary source. Thus the basis for the name of our company, ABS Data Systems, in honor of our first application.

ABS Data Systems was established in 1977 as one of the first personal computer service companies in the state of Maryland. It is wildly unimaginable now, however in the last 1970's there was a limited number companies using computers and competition was non-existent. User-groups were started as a way for people to collectively try to figure out what to do with this technology.

For the next several years we helped, mostly self-employed professional's such as who needed to automate the printing of insurance forms.
Being among the first in an industry has benefits and also many disadvantages. The biggest problem for us and the industry, at that time, was the lack of knowledge. Over the years, we learned from our efforts and bring those years of experience to every project we design. Along the way we have helped to develop some very interesting technology.

Today we develop products in three areas. Embedded, Communication, Database driven windows applications.