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Embedded software development is an art with today's extremely complex processors. These processors are no longer just a CPU, they are complete computers with many features such as DMA controllers, multiple independent timers, PWM's, integrated peripherals (like Ethernet, USB and multiple serial ports) and sometimes 50 or more general I/O Pins. Efficient software management of these devices is extremely difficult without the right tools and experiences. We have both.

We have all the necessary equipment that allows us to analyze and exercise the hardware including: Function generators, MSO's and Logic analyzers. Having the right tools enables us to maximize the hardware design, ultimately delivering you with more efficient software.

While we can work with an existing hardware design, our experiences have proven that including us in the initial design review, will allow us to offer time saving suggestions that will result in fewer scope changes and ultimately will lead to reducing the overall costs associated of software development, and increase the likelihood of on-time delivery of product-to-market.

We develop all of our embedded solutions using industry standard ANSI C and assembler (when needed).
Processor Experience
Intel xscale series
Zilog Z-80, eZ80
Rabbit Semiconductor 2000 and 3000 Modules
Cypress Semiconductor EzUSB (8051 Core)
Texas Instrument TMS470 Series (256, 384, 768, 1B)
ST Microelectronics ARM7/9 Series
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