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Our roots extend from database driven application, going all the way back to MS-DOS before the availability of dbase (tm). Today we primarily use two database engines as a backbone for our database driven application: MS-Access and MS-SQL. While there are many database products on the market today, we believe in supporting open standards. Our intent is to create complete applications to handle all the communication to controller, user interface, reporting and graphing functions. Occasionally there are reports or datasets needed by the user that were not anticipated in the original design specification. Open standards allows the user to perform queries or build a report by using one of the Microsoft office applications. This extends the original design and allows the user to create custom reports without the need to update the original application.
All of our application are developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 or Visual Studio 2005. The choice between the two development environments are application and platform specific. Sometimes, it just picking the right tool for the project and budget.

When developing applications under Microsoft .Net, we incorporate products from Infragistics to add flexibility, functionality, and better looking user interface to the applications we develop.

We are a complete solutions provider. What we mean by this is that we develop the application and the installation program as well. We use InstallShield products to develop your installation application. This allows your company to customize the setup application to meet your target audience.
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