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ABS Data Systems is in a unique position when it comes to communication as we can provide a complete communications solution. Typical software development companies are experts in either the Embedded or the PC world but not both. We have developed communication drivers for both worlds for the last 20 years. This includes low level drivers, protocols and application layer interfaces (including windows level drivers).

There are three basic solutions we have developed for communicating between a controller and the PC. Polled, Demand and User Access. Polled is when an application running on a PC, on a timed basis, accesses the controller to collected information. Demand is when the controller demands attention due to an alarm or other predetermined condition. In this case the controller will establish communications to the outside world. Typically with a pager, email system or cell phone. User Access is when the user wants to access the controller to collect data, make configuration changes, or to manually monitor current conditions. We have developed three types of solutions. Application running on the PC, Hyper terminal interface(text based) or a Web based interface.

We have developed drivers for the Embedded and PC environments to support communication for following interfaces: IRDA, USB, Ethernet, Serial, 485, and Modems.
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